About GoalZero Recycling

The Start of Something Good

GOALZERO Recycling is a social enterprise of Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado.  Care and Share Food Bank is the sole food bank for Southern Colorado, bringing food and hope to people at risk of hunger in 31 southern Colorado counties.  GOALZERO Recycling was born out of two core beliefs; that we should all be careful stewards of our community, and that no one should go hungry.

We saw an opportunity within our work at Care and Share to focus on people, the planet, and profits.  Food banking can be a messy business.  The potential for waste is great.  But why waste when resources are so limited and people are hungry?  So, we rolled up our sleeves and perfected our own zero waste program.  We sold cardboard, plastic shrink wrap, and pallets that were piling up as a result of our work.  Sale of that material generated a revenue stream for the food bank. We diverted waste from landfill and used the revenue raised to buy food for hungry people.  We have perfected our work and today we are diverting 85% of our waste from the landfill.  We can’t afford to waste, and neither can other businesses.

We get recycling, and we want to help others get it too.  We want to make every dollar we earn do the most good possible. Profits earned by GOALZERO Recycling will be invested in the mission of Care and Share, making it possible for people to have the food they need to thrive.  We focus on what we call a triple bottom line, support for people, the planet, and profit.  It’s a powerful, yet simple, way to make a difference. And it just makes good sense.

“GOALZERO Recycling was born out of two core beliefs; that we should all be careful stewards of our community, and that no one should go hungry.”

- Stacy Poore, President and CEO

Why it Matters

Why should you partner with GOALZERO Recycling?  You work hard to be successful.  So do we. If we can be successful together, and make a difference for our community, the question isn’t really “why?” but rather, “why not?”
We have been perfecting zero waste efforts for many years.  We get recycling.  And we can bring our knowledge to your business to help you get recycling too.  Your job is already big. You don’t need more work to do.  We make recycling easy for you, allowing you to do what you do best, while we do what we do best. It really is just that simple.

More than 160,000 people throughout Southern Colorado are not sure where their next meal will come from.  Profits raised through GOALZERO Recycling are used to fuel the mission of Care and Share Food Bank, ensuring that people have the food they need to thrive.  Waste and landfills are a problem that we don’t want to contribute to.  We want to be part of the solution.  You want your hard-earned dollar to go as far as possible.  We do too.

So if you can do business, and do good, why wouldn’t you?

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Meet Our Team


Stacy Poore, President and CEO

Stacy serves in two roles, as President of GOALZERO Recycling and as Chief Operating Officer for Care and Share Food Bank. She acts as the bridge between the organizations, bringing focus to the belief that no one should go hungry.


Stasia Erickson, Business Development Director

Stasia is the face of GOALZERO Recycling.  She meets with businesses and helps them to design just the right service to meet their recycling needs. She is a passionate steward of our environment and your business success.


Alston Pinter, Warehouse Manager

Alston oversees the daily warehouse operations for GOALZERO Recycling.  His solution oriented, can-do mindset is a key to our operation’s success. He believes in zero waste for zero hunger.

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Board of Directors

The GOALZERO Board of Directors is a small but mighty team of individuals who understand that recycling is something everyone can do.  They believe that no one should go hungry and are passionate about growing a success, yours and ours, that will help feed the mission of Care and Share Food Bank.

Wendy Pelton, President
Kirby Kuklenski, Vice President
Deborah Helton, Treasurer
Ethan Beute, Member
Ann Fetsch, Member
Frank Kinder, Member
Lynne Telford
*, Member
Andrea Dubbert
*, Member

*Not pictured


Our Partners

We are honored to partner with businesses and organizations that are dedicated to building a more sustainable environment by their desire to divert waste from the landfills.   

We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us and we look forward to providing you with the best possible service in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I recycle with GOALZERO Recycling?  Because you can’t afford to waste and you want your hard earned dollar to make the biggest impact possible. You don’t want to be bothered with details about recycling. You have more important work to do, so let our experts assist you.
  • I am ready to sign up! Now what?  Simply complete and submit the Get Started informational form letting us know a little bit more about your business and one of our expert staff members will contact you within 24 hours. We’ll visit you to assess how we can partner to meet your needs.
  • Why is there a fee?  We have to cover our expenses of a truck, transportation and processing. Our recycling options are effective and efficient and we will provide an improved waste stream process for your business that will save you money and time. We offer personal expert advice and excellent customer service.
  • Can I pay by check or am I required to set up an online account?  You can have funds withdrawn from your bank account or pay by credit card with an account on our website. We run a lean and mean operation because we’d rather spend money on meals rather than administrative tasks.
  • What are the terms?  Reoccurring payments, every 30 days, and one year commitments. This allow us to focus on excellent customer service, ensuring prompt billing management and the ability to raise as much money as possible to feed our neighbors in need.
  • Am I able to view my account online?  Yes, you can view and manage your account online.
  • Can I choose the day my recycling is picked up?  Our expert staff will work with you to set a date and time that meets the needs of your business while maintain the most efficient route possible for GOALZERO Recycling.
  • What if I have to change my service?  We are able to modify the pickups for a $35 administrative fee. We do require a 30 day written notice to discontinue service.
  • How will I know how much I am diverting from the landfill and how many meals I am providing.  A quarterly report will be added to your online account.
  • How often do you pick up?  We are able to pick up to 4 days a week depending on your need.
  • What if I need an extra pick up, is there an extra fee?  Our goal is to accommodate your requests and there is an additional charge for this, please contact our office at 719-434-5728 for more information. 
  • What type of containers do you use?  Our recycling bins have slots for your cardboard, covers to protect the material and locks available for an additional fee. They are available in 4, 6 or 8 yard capacities.
  • Can I drop off at your location?  We accept drop offs at our warehouse. We require you to register with us and check in each time you visit. If you have an existing subscription service and want to schedule an additional pick up or drop off time please contact our office, 719-434-5728.
  • Why don’t we do other recycling?  We currently are focused on the largest waste materials that businesses encounter; cardboard, plastic film packaging and pallets. We are open to collecting other recyclables. Please contact our office with questions, 719-434-5728.
  • Where does my recycling go?  We have partnered with leaders in the industry that provide the highest standards of recycling to process your excess materials and waste. The cardboard is processed into other Kraft paper products and the plastic is manufactured into durable siding and decking.  
  • Can I come for a tour?  Tours of our facility are welcomed. We have additional images and videos of our operations on our website and Facebook page for your review. If you would like to visit please call 719-434-5728 to schedule an appointment.
  • What types of cardboard do you take?  We take corrugated cardboard. The cardboard must be clean (no food residue) and dry as any wetness or other residue will contaminate the bales.
  • Do I need to break the cardboard down?  We do require that the cardboard be broken down as it will allow for more space in the bins. We want to be as efficient and effective as possible in our collection as this will save on resources.
  • What if my boxes have tape or labels?  Tape and labels are ok.
  • What types of plastic film do you take?  We will take Polyethylene Film (PE Film) such as shrink wrap, grocery and bread bags, product and case wraps, cereal liners, ice bags, bubble wrap, pellet and salt bags, and others. The plastic film must be clean (no food residue) and dry, any wetness or other residue will contaminate the bales. 
  • What types of pallets do you take? We will take your 48” x 40” 4-way pallets. If you have additional sizes or materials, please contact our office, 719-434-5728.