Zero waste for
zero hunger.

You have the power to transform recyclable materials into meals. It’s not magic. It’s a smarter way to recycle. We are a social enterprise of Care and Share Food Bank.

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Our Focus



You'll help us feed hungry people. Well-fed communities are better for us all. 



Resources are finite.
We can't afford to waste.



Waste less and do more with limited resources. 

We know our stuff.

GOALZERO Recycling was born out of Care and Share’s desire to minimize mountains of food and packaging waste. Rather than being part of the problem, trailblazers at the food bank wanted to be a part of the solution. After years of innovations, Care and Share now diverts 85% of waste from the landfills. Let GOALZERO Recycling bring this expertise to your business.

Why you should care.

You work hard to build your business. You do it really well, and you want your dollar to work harder. GOALZERO Recycling gives your business a purpose beyond profit. Your employees are brought together for a common goal—zero waste for zero hunger—as your recyclable materials form a profit stream to advance the mission of Care and Share.

Need a little bit more convincing?

Our Solution

Meeting with you


We start by getting to know you, taking a no-cost, comprehensive look at your business, and then tailor a solution to best suit your needs.

Make a plan

Make a Plan

Your business deals with cardboard and plastic shrink wrap on a daily basis. You need a reliable partner to get it out of your way so you can stay focused on what matters most to you.


Make a Difference

Having your hard earned dollar make a difference for others makes a difference to you and you’d prefer to see that waste transformed into meals rather than trucked to a landfill.

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