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Ends May 25

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Our Mission: Zero Waste for Zero Hunger



You've helped us feed hungry people, making a better, well-fed community. 



Resources are finite.
We can't afford to waste.



Waste less and do more with limited resources. 

We know our stuff.

GOALZERO Recycling was born out of Care and Share’s desire to minimize mountains of food and packaging waste. Rather than being part of the problem, trailblazers at the food bank wanted to be a part of the solution. After years of innovations, Care and Share now diverts 85% of waste from the landfills.

We want your stuff.

You've got packaging, paper, boxes, and other materials you don't need in your home, business, or organization. Don't pay to send it to the landfill! Drop it off free with GOALZERO Recycling (ends May 25). Together, we've reduced waste and hunger—as revenue from your recyclables supported Care and Share.

Our Solution

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At Your Place

Collect your recyclables, including plastic bags, plastic wrap, shrink wrap, zipper storage bags, #1 and #2 plastics, aluminum, office paper, newspaper, cardboard, and wooden pallets.

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At Our Place

Drop your recyclables off with us at absolutely no cost to you. We're at 2265 Waynoka Road on the east side of Colorado Springs. Visit us Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm. Ends May 25.


Make a Difference

Know that your waste will be recycled and ultimately transformed into meals for people facing across southern Colorado rather than trucked to a landfill.